is a non-profit tutoring organization managed by students of the Catholic University of Leuven. Sagio’s partnership brochure was outdated and could use a new and refreshing layout. After I previously designed a flyer for Sagio’s annual job event, I was offered again this opportunity!

After I learned how to work with Adobe Indesign in the Graphic design course, this was for me the first time I was designing a brochure for real, and therefore also a great opportunity to put theory into practice. The content of the brochure was completely provided by Sagio, it was up to me just to provide to graphical layout of the brochure. The brochure had to consist of about 8 pages, and the style needed to fit into the corporate identity of the organization. There had to be delivered a digital version (PDF with interactive features such as bookmarks), and a print-ready version.

Things I learned

  • Experience with Adobe’s Indesign
  • Designing a magazine layout
  • Creating Interactive PDF’s
  • Making documents print-ready