In an assignment for the Graphic Design course, I was asked to design a new, refreshing logo for ‘Twinx’, a company specializing in project and business management. Twinx stands for: “Together we innovate”.

The client specified that the new logo should be corporate, energetic and dynamic, preferably with the colors red and purple (that stand for innovation). Some key words: refreshing, no-nonsense, fast track business development, innovation, project organization, collaboration.

After a few sketches on paper, I finally chose a logo with a modern, corporate typography. The letter “i”, central in the word, represents a magic wand that stands for innovation. I used the colors red and purple, and through the magic wand with stars, movement is also expressed.┬áThe logo can be easily animated, eg. using sparkling stars above the magic wand. The logo was also designed in shades of gray and a one-color version.