In a couple of lessons from professional photographer Kristof V., I learned the basics of photographing with a SLR Camera. After a brief introduction on the operation of the SLR camera (Canon EOS 500D), the concepts of lighting and movement were explained based on the exposure triagle (Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed). In the practical sessions, we made shots applying focus / depth and motion. As a final task, we were asked create a photo series consisting of about 8 photos, about your habitat, where “habitat” should be interpreted as a physical location where you spend a lot of time and feel comfortable.

I chose the Rainbowhouse of Hasselt – a local community center for the LGBT, a place that I often visit and work as a volunteer for the local LGBT youth group. With the shots I took, I tried to express feelings of community, activity, comfort and being yourself. Although the lighting conditions were very difficult, the teacher said, this series was a very successful interpretation of the assignment! I share his opinion. ;-)

Things I learned

  • Working with a SLR Camera
  • Looking at your subject
  • The exposure triangle
  • Focus/depth
  • Motion