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Event branding: WJNH New Year’s reception

On Saturday, February 15, 2014, the National LGBT youth organization ‘Wel Jong Niet Hetero (WJNH)‘ held its annual New Year’s reception. On the New Year’s reception, traditionally, all Flemish youth groups come together. Usually, the event takes place in the WJNH headquarters office, however this year, for the first time,  the New Year’s reception would be held in a host city and organised by the local youth group(s). This year, WJNH chose Hasselt as host city for the event, where local youth groups ‘Inderdaad’ (Hasselt) and “Idem Dito’ (Lommel), worked together with WJNH to organize the event.

The program of the event consisted of an introductory game (city game), the reception itself and a festive afterparty. As a volunteer of the youth group of Hasselt, I created the entire corporate identity of the event, consisting of a website, newsletter, folded promotional flyer, digital flyer and social media tools. The promotional flyer contains the program and practical information about the event. The digital flyer announced all information about the afterparty, and the website I made using Bootstrap is fully responsive and includes parallax scrolling.

What I learned

  • Bootstrap
  • Responsive web design
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Creating a corporate identity for an event


Memonument, keeping digital memories of our loved ones

“Memonument” is the result of a ‘cross-over’ school project, created by a focus group of 8 students with multidisciplinary backgrounds ranging from graphic design to game design, product design, photography and multimedia (interaction) design. The main theme of the project was ‘Ritualize it!‘, where we went looking for rituals that exist among young people. Starting with ourselves – what ‘rituals’ do we own? Or what rituals do we recognize in our personal environment? – and discussing the results in group, we tried to formulate our own answer to the main question: “Can (new) rituals provide added value in today’s youth?”

The central topic we eventually chose was ‘mourning rituals’, applied specifically to young people. “Memonument” responds to new practices that emerge from the ‘Facebook-era’, where people also live an ‘online’ version of their lives. Online, several memories are kept in the form of digital pictures, movies and even status-updates on his/her favourite social network.

A key element of the grieving process is the feeling of ‘not being alone’. With “Memonument”, we tried to bring the online world and its many valuable memories closer to relatives. “Memonument” is an online memory box, where links to many different digital media that exists online about a person, can be saved. The memory box can be 100% personal, or can be publicly accessible. Each public memory box is connected to a little grieving stone, that lights up whenever someone visits or places a digital memory about that person, indeed bringing an answer to a person’s need to feel connected in difficult times.

Visit our project blog here.

Things I learned

Within this project, I was mainly responsible for developing the website (Thanks to Elies for the beautiful design!). Visit the website here (this is a non-working prototype).



Many, many thanks to a fantastic team: Robin Swerts, Lien De Koninck, Elies Indigne, Christophe Van Eerdt, Tom Ramakers, Soo Heyvaert, Brenda Otatti.

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